Friday, June 4, 2010

A full time Job - Meetings at the Workplace

Just living an everyday life at the workplace. Meetings and mess ups! They happen all the time.

Messy meetings, meetings messed up, messups for which meetings are called, messups due to which meetings are cancelled! Then of course there are meetings missed, meetings that miss the point, meetings with people missing, meetings you dare not miss, meetings you'd happily miss!

So do these meetings help? Perhaps in some ways... there are meetings that make the day go faster, meetings that fill the time, meetings that give the mirage of workloads of work happening! So meetings in all...can be a full time job for some.

Meetings can lend creativity - heard of those brainstorming sessions for meetings...often all storm and no brain - but nevertheless! Creativity is unleashed in more ways - innovative doodles, interesting scribbles, asides and snides. And of course blogs like this sprouting up!

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  1. Meetings - well defined I add some more...miserable meetings, meetings that cause misery, meetings to meet people, meetings for the management, managing meetings, meetings that are managed, more meetings and maniacal meetings!!!

  2. "Meetings are where 20 people discuss about how to do a work which can be done by 1 person."

    If there were no meetings, lof of people would have been jobless.

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